If you are starting or ending a cruise at the Port of Bridgetown booked outside of scheduled charter and agency packages and using private transportation, please take note of the following information.

Applications for Port entry must be completed and submitted through the online portal at https://barbadosport.com/request-entry/ by all persons seeking to enter for cruise passenger pickup or drop off.

Applications for entry must be approved prior to coming to the Port and will be confirmed through the issuance of a QR Code via return email.

The QR Code must be presented to Security on arrival in order to gain access.

Entrants will then be directed to Designated Pick-up and Drop Off areas by Security personnel.

No extended waiting is allowed in Port, given space limitations.

For passengers disembarking and requiring taxi services, you are encouraged to utilize the registered seaport taxis available on site.

Please click here for guidelines on completing your application for Port Entry.