Barbados Port Inc. is primarily responsible for the provision of marine services to vessels in Barbados’ territorial waters. This includes berthing and un-berthing of vessels in the Bridgetown Port; regulating marine activities in the Careenage and the Shallow Draught; port state control inspections; response to maritime incidents; and general compliance with international pollution prevention and safety regulations.

Accordingly, the Marine Services Department provides the following services:

  1. Pilotage (compulsory except for naval vessels, training ships and small craft) and tug attendance (compulsory for vessels over 1,000 tons or 168m in length).
  2. Mooring and unmooring vessels
  3. Provision of potable water
  4. Fire-fighting, pollution combatting, rescue and salvage operations
  5. Marina operations
  6. Provision of aids to navigation


Two (2) tugs, each equipped for fire fighting, salvage and rescue operations.

  • Tug Pelican II – 4,660 hp.
  • Tug Barbados II – 5,500 hp.

Two (2) pilot launches


Port of Bridgetown – Lat. 13° 06.95’N., Long. 59° 38.2’W.

The harbour is situated on the North-Western side of Carlisle Bay.

Depth in approach channel, M.L.W.S.T. 13.5 m (Turning Basin – 12.5 m). The bottom is sand and coral. Vessels may enter and leave at any state of the tide. Currents in the harbour approaches vary from 1 knot to .5 of a knot.