Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) offers scheduled, guided tours of the Port of Bridgetown to students aged 7+ years, associations, social clubs, corporate and individual groups.

Port tours are:

  • Free
  • Open to the public
  • Available by appointment only
  • Strictly conducted by tour bus (No walking tours allowed)
  • Limited to a maximum of 30 persons per tour bus
  • Limited to a duration of one hour
  • Commenced at 10.00 am promptly


The School/Institution/Group is required to arrange its own tour bus.

The tour will be conducted in ONE vehicle, with restricted debarkation for one photo stop on location only.

BPI provides a Tour Guide, who will meet the vehicle at the Main Gate of the Port.


What We Cover

Tours of the Port combine knowledge sharing with a fun experience.  Participants will visit among other sites:

  • The Pelican Island Monument
  • Bridgetown Cruise Terminal
  • Cruise Transfer Terminal
  • Cargo Sheds 2 and 4
  • Shallow Draught Facility
  • Reefer Container Park


Information & Security Requirements

All persons seeking to arrange a tour of the port are required to observe the guidelines below:

  1. Submit tour requests a letter via email to the Business Development & Strategy Department, Attention: Ms. Yvonne Thompson at
  2. Ensure the letter reaches Barbados Port Inc. at least two weeks prior to the date requested for the tour.
  3. The letter must include:
    • The number of persons who will be on tour
    • The name, contact number and email of the tour organiser
    • The name, contact number and valid driver’s license of the driver of the tour bus
  4. Confirmation of the tour will be sent via return email to the organiser named in the letter.
  5. The organiser must then complete the Request for Port Entry application via providing all details requested, including the national identification numbers of the organizer and the driver who will be on tour.
  6. On approval, a QR code will be sent via return email, which must be presented to Security Personnel at the main Gate to gain entry.
  7. All adults 18+ years on tour must present valid photo identification to facilitate entry.

No unaccompanied minors will be allowed Port entry.