Peter Odle
The Most Honourable Peter Odle FB

The Most Honourable Peter Odle FB, was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Barbados Port Inc., effective August 20, 2020.

Mr. Odle is a successful and respected tourism veteran with over thirty years of industry experience. He is recognised in the Caribbean industry for his role in the development and sustainability of indigenous hotels throughout the region. His other business interests include catering, restaurants, sports bars, real estate and property holdings. Aside from his overwhelming success as a dedicated hotelier, he has consistently ensured that governments, organizations and hospitality-related agencies are fully aware of the importance of tourism and its impact on employment and the economic well-being of individual countries and the Caribbean region as a whole.

Mr. Denis Cadogan, Deputy Chairman of Equity Insurance is Deputy Chairman of the Board.

The other Directors appointed to serve on the Board are: Capt. George Fergusson, retired Captain of Barbados Port Inc.; Mrs. Lisa Gale, Executive Director, Barbados Accreditation Council; Mr. Ricardo McConney of Nation Publishing Co. Ltd.; Ms. Janice Brown, Attorney-at-Law at Fig Tree Family Office Ltd.; Ms. Francine Blackman, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and International Transport; Sir Roy Trotman, Barbados Workers’ Union and Mr. David Jean-Marie, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Barbados Port Inc.