Our Top Priority

Safety and security are a top priority at the Port of Bridgetown.

As the main seaport operating in Barbados, it is required to comply with the provisions of the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code, formulated and administered by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). ISPS Code Compliance ensures measures are in place to prevent or mitigate unlawful acts, protect the Port’s assets and ensure the safety of all users of the facility.

Barbados Port Inc. is committed to preserving and enhancing Barbados’ reputation as a safe and secure destination. The comprehensive security measures which are in effect, are applicable to all vessels under the ISPS Code applies as well as port users. They take into consideration both the commercial operations and strategic importance of the Port as a gateway to economic activity in tourism and trade.

Security is maintained on a twenty-four hour basis. The Port is safeguarded through a multi-agency approach comprising the Barbados Police Service, which has a station on the facility, the Customs and Excise, Immigration, Port Health and Plant Quarantine departments.

The primary functions of the Barbados Port Inc. Security Department are the protection of life and property; preservation of peace; prevention of criminal and other subversive activities; ensuring continuity of operations; and enforcement of all relevant laws and regulations. It is also their responsibility to ensure adherence to Port rules and regulations; ensure the security of cargo while in port; verify the delivery of cargo to consignees; protect the port, including visiting vessels; provide continuous surveillance; respond to any safety/security issues within the port; enforce ingress/egress control procedures to/from the port, all while providing a high quality of customer service.

Continuous training of officers ensures the Port raises its compliance levels and reduces risks.