Covered Storage: Surface area (m²)    16,215

Shed #2         3,972 m²

Shed #3         3,584 m² (currently not used for cargo)

Shed #4         5,314 m²

Shallow Draught Shed         3,345 m²

Uncovered Storage: Surface Area (m²)  47,348  (for Containers)

Refrigeration Capacity: 4,958 m² (96 Reefer plugs – 440 V)

Waste Reception Facilities: Incinerator for the disposal of ship generated waste. Skips are available for solid waste removal to incinerator.

Molasses Tanks: Facilitates storage of molasses in Tanks A, B, C & D, with the capacity of 12,000, 8,000, 20,000 and 12,000 metric tons respectively.

Port of Bridgetown Bulk Facility: Facilitates the loading of grain silos.

Petroleum Tanker Facilities: Two berths available: Spring Garden and Oistins off shore facilities.

Bunker Suppliers: SOL Barbados supplies modern bunkering facilities on a 24-hour basis on all berths, except berths 4 and 5. Advance notice of 24 hours required.