Evaluation of Suppliers

Following the proclamation of the Public Procurement Act 2023 and as part of its ISO 9001:2015 mandate, Barbados Port Inc. is required to monitor and continuously evaluate those suppliers of goods and services deemed critical to the operations at the Port of Bridgetown.


The criteria for evaluation noted below will apply where relevant:

  1. The supplier is ISO certified.
  2. The reputation of new suppliers is in good standing.
  3. The supplier is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.
  4. The supplier has a documented Environmental, Social and/or Health and Safety Policy.
  5. The supplier clearly states the terms and conditions of service/sale of goods.
  6. The supplier’s pricing is competitive.
  7. The supply of goods/services is reliable.
  8. The delivery of the goods/services is on time.
  9. Technical support is available (Product Information, Training etc.).
  10. Customer support is accessible (Responsiveness to queries).
  11. Products/services meet specified technical requirements (Industry standards).
  12. The services supplier provides safety documentation (Method Statements/Pre-Task Planning Form/Contractor Work Rules Agreement).
  13. The services supplier complies with Environmental, Social and Safety requirements (Industry standards).


An evaluation will be undertaken at least once a year.

Suppliers who fail to maintain the pre-determined threshold for supplier acceptance will be contacted in an effort to establish the corrective action(s) needed to maintain relations with the Company.