An improved operational plan has been effected to assist homeport cruise passengers disembarking within the Port of Bridgetown. The announcement was made by Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) Chief Executive Officer, Mr. David Jean-Marie. “BPI recognizes that some guests who had taken the Rhapsody of Seas cruise were in recent times understandably unhappy with traffic movements within the Port of Bridgetown which may have caused a disappointing end to their vacation. The main challenge related to the transit of disembarking guests and luggage between the homeport terminal (Shed 3) and the exit gate”, he said.

New Operational Plan

The CEO revealed that BPI, in collaboration with the Customs and Excise Department, has therefore sought to ensure that the passenger, upon final clearance of baggage, now has the following options:

  1. Board any of the free shuttle buses with luggage, transiting from Shed 3 to the Cruise Terminal Carpark, which has been designated for passenger Pickup/Dropoff.
  2. Take one of the taxis available at Shed 3 for transport to final destination.
  3. Walk if preferred with their luggage, from Shed 3 to the designated passenger Pickup/Dropoff area or Exit gate.

To facilitate this process, BPI has committed to the following:

  1. Provision of more suitable shuttle buses, with a larger seating capacity and baggage compartment.
  2. Provision of personnel to assist in loading and offloading baggage from the vehicles at Shed 3 and Cruise Terminal Carpark.
  3. Continued rotation of authorised taxis at Shed 3 to move passengers and luggage to final destination.
  4. Continued facilitation of access to all persons doing passenger pickups with valid QR codes to the designated passenger Pickup/Drop Off area.

Port Entry for Passenger Pickup& Drop Off

BPI reminds all persons seeking to enter the Port for cruise passenger pickup or drop off that applications for Port entry must be completed and submitted through the online portal at This is mandatory and in keeping with our own obligatory security and safety protocols as a border agency.
Applications for entry must be approved prior to coming to the Port and will be confirmed through the issuance of a QR Code via return email.
The QR Code must be presented to Security on arrival in order to gain access. Entrants will then be directed to the designated Pick-up and Drop Off area by Security personnel. No extended waiting/parking is allowed in Port, given space limitations. Passengers disembarking and requiring taxi services, are encouraged to utilize the registered seaport taxis available on site.

Traffic Advisory

All visitors are further advised that the Port is very active on homeporting days, with hundreds of people moving in and out in just a few hours. Movements include disembarking and embarking guests, crew members, port staff, local regulatory authorities, port tenants and service companies, which may at times result in increased wait times at the Gate. BPI therefore encourages members of the public to comply with entry protocols, which are also intended to minimize traffic delays at the Gates.