As a significant commercial actor in Barbados, we wish to be a  transparent and responsible company operating in accordance with legal, ethical and democratic values. Therefore, we have introduced a whisleblower scheme.
The scheme is aimed at employees, suppliers, customers and partners, who can, anonymously or openly, report illegal or dubious activities relating to Port of Barbados via an independent law firm.

It must be emphasized that the whistleblower scheme should only be used for reporting violations of the applicable rules and not general complaints (see below). For example:

  • Financial crime
  • Accounting and auditing irregularities
  • Declarations of false or misleading information to public authorities
  • Occupational health and safety violations
  • Environmental pollution
  • Physical violence and sexual abuse
  • Corruption and nepotism
  • Exploitation of system access by employees to obtain private information about colleagues, customers or partners.

Please note that reports should be documentable. Unfounded or false reports can have legal repercussions.

General complaints

In case of general complaints or questions about various circumstances from citizens and other stakeholders, please contact us here.