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Port Entry

  1. It is the policy of the Barbados Port Inc. that all persons wishing to enter the Bridgetown Port must first obtain a Port issued pass.
  2. Persons applying for a Permanent Port pass must provide satisfactory proof of good character, including a valid Police Certificate of Character.
  3. Permanent Port passes are renewable annually unless otherwise stated. All applications for renewal of annual passes must be accompanied by a valid Police Certificate of Character.
  4. Persons requiring entry to the Port for less than thirty days maybe issued with a temporary pass and will not be required to provide a Police Certificate of Character. A permanent Port pass is required for ninety days or more.
  5. Applicants will not be issued with a Port pass if they have criminal conviction(s) recorded against their names. Instead applicants must first provide proof that an application has been made to the relevant authority to have said conviction expunged. Upon the provision of said proof together with any other requirements which the Company may determine, a Temporary pass maybe issued until such time as the applicant provides proof that the record has been expunged. At this time a permanent pass maybe considered.
  6. All applications for Port passes must be made on the prescribed application form to the Manager Security Services. Once successful and upon payment of the prescribed fee the appropriate pass will be issued.
  7. In circumstances where passes are lost/stolen a report must be made to the Manager of Security Services, Barbados Port Inc. as well as to the Royal Barbados Police Force as soon as practicable after the pass is discovered missing/stolen. A copy of the police report must be produced to the Manager Security Services and upon payment of the prescribed fee a replacement pass may be issued.
  8. Passes are not transferable and restrict the holder to the area (s) specified on said pass.
  9. All persons entering the Bridgetown Port must be in possession of a valid Port pass which must be clearly displayed on the front clothing of the holder above the waist line.
  10. Passes must be used for official business only.
  11. Passes remain the property of Barbados Port Inc. and must be surrendered upon demand to any authorized employee of Barbados Port Inc., or a member of the Royal Barbados Police Force.