In order to protect both customers and staff against the risk and exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Barbados Port Inc.  (BPI) has instituted a number of in-house measures, including:

  • Enhanced sanitization of public and work spaces before work on a daily basis and at regular intervals during the day.
  • Continuous sensitization of staff at all levels.
  • Mandatory requirements that vessels calling at the Port outline their COVID-19 protocols including the following:
    • A daily email from all ships stating the health of the crewmembers onboard. 
    • Establishment of a “hand washing station” at the gangway of all ships.  ALL persons will use hand sanitizer and or wash hands frequently. 
    • Before and after each port call, cleaning of the public areas with a water & bleach solution will be performed. The goal is to keep the ship sanitized for everyone and to reduce exposure by local staff while working cargo vessels.
  • Measures to minimize entry and movement through the Port of non-essential personnel.
  • Suspension of all public tours of the port until further notice.

Agents and stevedores are advised that effective immediately and until further notice, the daily briefing meeting will be conducted as needed and/or via a video conference as required. In addition, any other requisite information will be shared via email.
Customers are reminded that the Port utilizes electronic systems for manifest transmission, terminal operation and management. These measures will continue to facilitate business while minimizing personal contact.
Customers collecting personal effects are advised to utilize the online systems to track cargo, update security credentials to facilitate access and  come to the Port only when cargo has been confirmed as ready for collection. Customers transiting the public spaces are also reminded to make use of the hand sanitizer units installed across the Port.
The Public and Staff are reminded that they should follow the recommended protocols for personal hygiene and social distancing as advised by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.
BPI will continue to work with officials to follow public health recommendations and will share updates, guidance and information on any further actions to be taken.
The Board of Directors and management assures you of our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment in the interest of all Barbadians.