Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) continued its program of environmental sustainability and stakeholder support with the donation of freighting pallets to the Rural Development Commission on Friday.

The donation is in keeping with BPI’s mission to have an accessible port with a strategic corporate social responsibility focus. The pallets will be used in the Barbados Sustainability Recovery Program, which focuses on reducing the food bill at rural homes and sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

Public relations officer at the Rural Development Commission, Wendy Burke said she was thankful to BPI for understanding the scope and importance of the project, and coming to the assistance of the Commission.

“We are going to offer the individuals in our project a cost-effective method of planting. These pallets are for persons who do not have land space to plant; individuals can build the pallet structure, pour soil into it and grow various herbs and vegetables.” Also, Burke noted that the project is expected to contribute to the national good by reducing the food import bill.

Captain Karl Branch, Divisional Manager, Corporate Development, and Strategy, handed over the pallets on behalf of BPI and expressed his delight that they were to serve a worthwhile, environmentally-friendly purpose.

“These pallets are largely a bi-product of our container unstuffing operation, and as such the inspection, selection and sorting of suitable and clean pallets are the result of the collective effort of the port’s Terminal Operations family.”

He further added, “The Commission’s objective to develop the sustainability of the Barbadian family is an added incentive for us. The Port family regards the effort associated with this activity as our civic duty to support the Commission’s innovative national cause.”

It is planned that repurposing of pallets will become a routine exercise as part of the BPI’s sustainability initiatives.