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Passenger Information

There are numerous ground transportation options available from the Port of Bridgetown for visitors to take in the abundance of attractions and events throughout the winter and summer cruise seasons.

From Ship to Shore

The Port provides a complimentary, optional shuttle service to move passengers two-way between the ship and the Cruise Terminal. The service is offered based on the ship’s location at the berth, moving passengers safely and quickly, to maximize their time on shore.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The Port is accessible to passengers with disabilities and special wheelchair accessible units are available to transport passengers from the ship to the Cruise Terminal.

Tour Buses

Pre-arranged tour buses are usually provided through multiple tour operators. Tour guides in the Tour Departure Area are on hand to assist.


If you prefer going on an island tour at your own pace and with more flexibility, then a taxi may be the option for you. On exiting the Cruise Terminal, a taxi dispatch service is offered from the Taxi Dispatch Centre. There are approximately 255 authorized taxis at the Port of Bridgetown which are identified by a coloured Authorized Seaport Taxi sticker on the side panel of the vehicle. You can use them to travel to a specific destination (remember to fix a pick-up return time if you are continuing on a cruise), and for tailor-made half- or full-day island tours. Establish the cost before setting off and check whether the price is per person or trip, and in Barbados or US dollars. For timing, factor in heavy traffic around Bridgetown during morning and late-afternoon weekday rush hours. Taxis also ply a shuttle service to Bridgetown and the beach.

Rental Cars

Rental cars are available through the authorized rental car company located at the Port, Courtesy Rent-A-Car. The booth is located in the public area as you exit to the left of the Cruise Terminal.


If you’re feeling up to it, Pedicabs are also available to the city. You can hitch a ride outside the main gate.

Within Walking Distance

For those who enjoy walking, the exit from the Port’s Main gate leads to Trevor’s Way, an ocean-side footpath which leads to the Pelican Craft Centre on the left and the historic Bridgetown shopping centre straight ahead. The 20-minute walk to Bridgetown is both safe and pleasurable.