Our goal is to create a project which provides modern marine infrastructure for cruise ship operators and a historical, Barbadian experience for cruise passengers. The marine facilities are designed to allow for future expansion to handle up to seven ships independent of the existing Port operations.

The onshore facilities will be designed to highlight the wonderful and unique features of Barbados and form a bridge for tourists to experience the existing attractions throughout the country. Success will be achieved when Barbados is considered to be the destination of choice in the Caribbean.

The facility is designed to invite and encourage both land based tourists and local residents to enjoy the many shops, restaurants and attractions proposed for the site. This will not only make the project more financially viable, it will offer year round employment and business opportunities for indigenous Barbadians.


Did You Know?

The final stone block in the breakwater at the Bridgetown Harbour was laid on July 23, 1960, by the Premier of Barbados, Dr. Hugh Cummins?