Marella Explorer and Carnival Pride Cruise into Barbados

The Port of Bridgetown welcomed two cruise ships on inaugural visits to Barbados at the start of this week.

The Marella Explorer sailed in on Sunday November 11th, with a crew of 798 and 1790 passengers. On Monday November 12th, the Carnival Pride made its entry with 941 crew and 2118 passengers.

Minister of Tourism, Kerrie Symmonds, speaking during the traditional plaque exchange ceremony on board the Marella Explorer described statistics projected for the 2018/19 cruise season as “impressive”.

Based on current bookings, Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) anticipates 400 cruise ship calls for the 2018-19 season, of which 165 are homeporting calls. This compares to last season’s, 432 ship calls, 200 of which were homeporting calls. Though the number of cruise ship calls is reduced this season, Barbados is projected to register an increase in cruise visitor as a result of increased ship capacity.  Homeporting passengers last season were registered at 237 849, out of a total 714 287 cruise visitors.  For the 2018-19 season, which runs November 2018 to April 2019, some 260 000 homeporting passengers are expected out of a total 721 000 cruise visitors. 

Marella Cruises will be homeporting two vessels this season- the Marella Celebration and the Marella Explorer, scheduled to make 42 calls in total with a 68,000 passenger capacity.  This compares to last season’s single vessel, which made 23 calls and carried 41,737 guests. The Minister, noting that bed nights for those who fly, cruise and stay will move up to 5 000 from last year’s 3 000, said “the numbers take us a long way in the direction we want to in terms of numbers  arrivals.”

The Carnival Pride, sailed into Barbados on a 14-day Journeys cruise which originated in Baltimore on November 3rd. Journeys is a limited series of special sailings ranging in length from 9 to 14 days offered by Carnival and featuring destinations that are less traveled by the line, as well as extended versions of the line's traditional routes.


Caption 1: Captain of Carnival Pride Alessandro Galotto (left) and BPI’s Manager of Terminal Operations Ian Stewart exchanged traditional plaques and gifts to commemorate the inaugural visit.

Caption 2: Captain of the Marella Explorer Johnathan Peter Harris (left) and Minister of Tourism Kerrie Symmonds admire the Inaugural plaque.



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