Formalized in 1996, the Educational Outreach Programme is designed to make a meaningful contribution to the educational experience for primary and secondary school students, and communicate the important contribution the Bridgetown Port has made over the years to the social and economic development of Barbados. The programme is managed by the Market Development & Public Relations Department.

Through organized Tours of the Port, students are provided the opportunity to observe first-hand the activities of cargo operations and cruise tourism. Over the past sixteen years, some 29,000 primary and secondary school students have toured the Bridgetown Port as an adjunct to the school’s curriculum. From information received, students have completed outstanding reports using the information and experience from the Port tours. Tours are also conducted for students from tertiary institutions and community groups.

Presentations to Schools on topics: ranging from the conventional subjects of the Cruise Industry, Cruise Marketing, Cargo Operations, and the History of the Port, to demand topics from the schools who request presentations on Preparing for the World of Work, Strategy for Success, Workshops for Prefects, Orientation for First Formers, and Studying for Exams. Presentations have been made to over 14,000 students through this programme.

As a result of a series of presentations to schools, the booklet ‘Studying for Exams’ was authored and produced by Freida Nicholls (Market Development & Public Relations Department) and published by the then Barbados Port Authority in 2003. Distributed to 10,000 fourth and fifth formers across the country in an initiative that was endorsed by the Ministry of Education, the booklet gave the Port a strong educational connection with the nation’s children.

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