Berth 5 was constructed as part of BPI’s Master Plan 2000.  The plan had originally specified the Berth to be 150m, however due to cost constraints, it was built at half of this length. 

Berth 5 is first and foremost a ‘cargo berth’, and will be outfitted with a modern Panamax- sized Gantry Crane, allowing the Port to receive larger vessels.

With cruise vessels now reaching mega proportion, the pressure is on for Barbados to create a berth that is able to accommodate these vessels while maintaining its place as one of the Caribbean’s best cruise destinations.  Berth 5 is therefore being extended to its original specifications of 150m.

The work on Berth 5 started on March 27, 2015 and is scheduled for completion at the end of October 2015.  The project contractors include: C.O. Williams Construction Ltd., Marenco Ltd., and PRECONCO Ltd.  The work involves the manufacturing of piles, slabs and beams for the quay by PRECONCO Ltd., piling activities, creation of stone armour revetments, and installation of additional crane rails by Marenco Ltd., as well as the provision of concrete and paving by C.O. Williams Construction Ltd.

Berth 5 is expected to provide, in the short-term, some separation of Cruise from Cargo, providing enough berth space to host some of the world’s largest cruise vessels such as Britannia and Mein Schiff 3.  Its main role, however, will be to increase the Port’s cargo/ship handling capacity.

Did You Know?

Pelican Island, which was located about 600 yards from the mainland, was incorporated into the construction of the Deep Water Harbour?